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Writing a Swinger Personal Just For Cyber Sex

There are plenty of reasons people may want to find online relationships for cyber-sex. For some people having cyber-sex is an easy way to get a release when they need it. For others it may just be easier than trying to find time to date. If you’re wanting to experience swinging through cyber sex chat rooms, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to include in your profile.

Be Upfront

If you aren’t looking to meet other swingers in person, you need to be clear about this in your profile. There’s no point in stringing someone else along just so you can hope to find someone open to cyber-sex.  If you just mention that you aren’t looking for anything beyond hot chat online, you’ll still find people who are willing without stringing anyone along.

State what you’re looking for

Just saying you’re looking for cyber-sex is okay, but it’s still pretty general. Some people may be looking for an online BDSM relationship, while others just want to talk nasty. If you aren’t clear with what you want, no one is going to know what you’re looking for. If you want to explore other areas, feel free to include this in your personal ad. Just say that you want to gain some online experience in these areas. People aren’t mind readers. If you don’t put it out there clearly no one is going to know. You also want to include some basic information on what you are experienced in.

Using Online Sex Chat Rooms With A View To Meeting Up

Meeting others is much easier if you take advantage of video cam chat rooms. This well let you see and talk to others first hand. While it may not seem like it would give you a big advantage, it actually does. You’ll be more comfortable on your meet up since you’ll feel like you’ve already met them. If you want to take advantage of online sex chat rooms with a webcam, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Different Comfort Levels

Just because you’re in a chat room designed to bring people together for internet sex doesn’t mean everyone is going to be comfortable with everything. You want to chat for a few minutes before hand to make sure you’re on the same page. This way you can ensure that you are okay with what they want, and vice versa.

Put Together a Profile

Most of the sites that will give you access to sex chat rooms will be dating or swinger sites of some kind. If you set up a profile you’ll have a much easier time finding others to chat with. This will give others an idea of what it is you’re looking for. If you spend a few minutes creating a profile others will have enough information about what you want to feel comfortable approaching you. You just want to be sure to include that you are willing to chat via webcam. This way when you do meet the others you’ll already have some hot conversation under your belt.

Sex Date Personals Explained for Beginners

Setting up a personal ad for sex dates is challenging for the beginner. However, if you have an understanding of how the profiles are set up you’ll have an easier time getting involved. Here are some of the terms that confuse most new people, and what they mean.

Short Ads

Since most personal ads have limited space, most people choose to use acronyms for descriptions. This will let you pack more information in to your sex date personal ad without going over the character limit.

Common Acronyms

FWB is a common term that means ‘friends with benefits’. You may also see this as ‘NSA’ (no strings attached) and ‘DCE’ (discrete casual encounters). These all mean the same basic thing.

ASL is a way to shorten ‘age/sex/location’. You’ll see this when people don’t want to mess around and are requesting that you include this information in your correspondence.

GFE or BFE means girlfriend experience or boyfriend experience. This is someone who wants to be treated in a more intimate way, and not necessarily just sex. If you want someone to take you out before sex, this is what you need to say.

M4T, MFT are ways of saying ‘male for transvestite’. You will see terms like this more often in adult and alternative personals.

IRL means ‘in real life’. This is used when someone doesn’t want an online only experience.

MF4W or MM4F are ways of denoting group sex or threesomes. The acronyms stand for man or woman based on the letter used.

PNP and 420 are codes for drug use. 420 is someone who smokes pot, and PNP generally refers to meth.

Safe Place To Post Sex Personals For Cross Dressers

Placing a personals ad as a cross dresser isn’t always the safest thing to do. You have to worry about many things, especially those with a problem with cross dressers. While there is nothing wrong with this activity whatsoever, people who don’t understand it can be abrasive and overall dangerous. There are plenty of safe places to post an ad. Here are some simple tips to ensure your safety.

Finding Safe Places

You want to make sure you find a website that is open to cross dressers. More than just that, you want to find a site that has several other people also posting ads for cross dressers. This will ensure that you’ve found a site that people are comfortable being open. There are sites that are specific to cross dressers and the TV/TG community. This may be a good idea. If you just cross dress occasionally, or are interested in finding a partner that cross dresses, then finding a more general site for adults and fetishes may be a good idea. Regardless, just look through the different profiles so you can make sure you’ll be accepted in that online community.

Posting the Ad

When you post your ad you want to be clear about what you want and need. Don’t try to get around the fact that cross dressing is an interest. You want to put it out there. If you don’t put it out there you risk putting yourself in a dangerous situation later. If you’re upfront about it you’ll only hear from people who are open.

Popular Sex Terms That You Should Understand In Adult Personals

When you start going through adult personal adverts you’ll see a lot of acronyms and terms that may be confusing at first. If you don’t have much experience with these it can be hard to figure out what’s meant. Here’s a quick guide for some of the sex terms you should be aware of.

Quick Sex Terms

You may see terms like ‘DTF’ or ‘casual encounters’ listed in profiles. These should signify someone who is looking for sex without strings attached. DTF actually stands for ‘down to fuck’ and usually means someone who is looking for sex right away. Casual encounters, discrete relationships, and NSA are used when someone doesn’t want to deal with an actual relationship but still wants the benefit of sex.  They could also already be in a relationship and are looking for something to do on the side without their spouse or significant other finding out.

Popular Acronyms

Some other acronyms you may run across are BBW, FA, BHM, D/D, and WLTM. BBW and BHM refers to the body type. A BBW is a ‘big beautiful woman’ and BHM is ‘big handsome man’. Those with FA in their profile typically means ‘fat acceptance’ and they are open to those who are larger. D/D means ‘disease and drug free’. Those with this in their profile are saying they don’t party and prefer someone else who doesn’t. On the flip side you may see 420 friendly or ‘likes to party’. These usually mean they do drugs and want someone who is open to that. WLTM means ‘would like to meet’, so they aren’t looking for online only encounters.